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Harold Court Primary School

Governors at Harold Court 

The Governing Body oversees the conduct, curriculum, standards and budget of the school and has a duty to monitor the way the school is developing.


 Harold Court Governor Code of Conduct 

Harold Court Constitution

Committee Membership Details

Governor Declaration of Interest

Attendance at Governing Body Meetings 2018-2019

Attendance at Governing Body Meetings 2019 -2020

Attendance at Governing Body Meetings 2020-2021

Appointed Term of Office

Head Teacher Governor

Mrs Lynn Hogan-O'Neill

 Duration of post

Chair of Governors  (Co-opted Governor)


Mrs Sarah Philpotts

17th October 2017

Appointed by Full Governing Body

24.11.20 -23.11.24

Vice Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Terry Purcell

23rd June 2020


Local Authority Governor

Mr Shekhar Challa 26th November 2020

26.11.20 - 25.11.24

Co-opted Governors

Mr Uzair Qureshi

Mr Raymond Crossley



29th June 2021


29th June 2021


29.06.21 -28.06.25


29.06.21 - 28.06.25



Parent Governors

Mrs Amy McCarthy

17th October 2018

Appointed by Parents


17.10.18 - 16.10.22


Staff Governors

Mrs Diane Somers 

1st September 2018

Appointed by Staff

01.09.18 - 31.09.22


Mr Dominic Silcott




Mrs Wendy Donnelly-Symes

(Deputy Head Teacher)





All Governors may be contacted via the school office

Hi I am  Zoe. I am a Early Years Teacher who currently manages Aardvark Preschool & Nursery next door. I have worked in education for 10 years and have a love for learning. My hobbies include playing hockey for the local Romford team and spending time with my little boy.
My association with Harold Court School reaches back to 5 years ago when we started our journey at Aardvark; since then every September we transition 20 + children into the school. This provides me with good knowledge and experience with the school and staff. My personal areas of expertise are Safeguarding, SEN and Leadership.
I am passionate about making a positive contribution to children’s education and want to help raise standards at Harold Court school - together I believe we can make this happen



Mr Terry Purcell



Hello!  I am one of the co-opted governors.  I am a senior leader in another primary school and have been a member of other educational charities and committees.  I live in Harold Wood, so the school is in my home community.  I have a firm belief in the power of education for children both in and out of school and I am passionate about improving outcomes and aspirations for children locally, strengthening community and working with others to make the world a little better.  This is why I volunteered to be a governor at HCPS.

Since becoming a governor I have found out just how much HCPS cares about its pupils and staff and I am very pleased to be a part of this team.  I think my skills in business, people management and committee involvement can all help to ensure that leaders in school are both supported and challenged to make the school even better.  Seeing how hard everyone at the school works means that it is a privilege to be one of the governors looking in from time to time to see that things are as they should be. 

All children should receive an immersive education and leave school with their own passion for life-long learning and discovery, well equipped for the future.  If I can be a small part behind the scenes supporting the many influences that lead to this, then my time as a governor will be well spent.

Mr Shekhar Challa

Hello, I am a local authority appointed governor representing Havering council on the school governing board. Additionally, I am also a member of the Leadership & Management committee.

 I am an experienced strategy professional with more than 15 years of experience in Consulting and Banking industry. Being a consultant, I have had exposure of leading projects across multiple geographies (UK, US and APAC), successfully managing cross-cultural teams and interacting with stakeholders at the C-Suite level. Having been a consultant for most of my career, I am constantly interacting with clients to solve their problems. This ability to break down complex problems by applying a structured and logical approach, along with my leadership/project management skills, is something that I am excited to bring to the school governing body.

I would like to see Harold Court primary school to be a place that provides not just academic excellence but also emphasizes on inculcating human values.

Mr Uzair Saif Qureshi

Hello, I’m a new Governor and Harold Court is my local school.  I would like to support the progress of the next generation of our community.

I have studied at different schools myself with varying teaching models. I hope my own learning experience will help bring a positive benefit for Harold Court. I have experience in treasury and hope to use this to support the school in making sound financial and leadership decisions that will enable the school to thrive through the challenges it faces.

Being a part of the governing body has enabled me to see the opportunities given to the children, to help and assist them to achieve their own personal potential.

I am passionate about helping young people achieve their potential through education. Education is more than a Certificate to prove your education level, it’s about the experience that makes you grow in to becoming responsible, intelligent and successful. I want to support the school in enhancing that experience for the pupils.



Mr Raymond Crossley

Hello, I am a new co-opted Governor and Member of the Teaching and Standards Committee. I have previously been Vice Chair and Chair of the Governing Body of Scotts Primary School Hornchurch.

Going forward and whilst I fully appreciate that things change over time the fundamental principles of doing the very best for all the children at the school remains the number one priority. Society demands that future generations be well rounded individuals, who are able to contribute to that society by being the best person they can be. That covers academia, discipline, resourcefulness and kindness to all others.

This requires that all children are encouraged to achieve the highest levels they can according to whatever abilities they possess. I wish to support all at Harold Court to ensure the children achieve the very best.