Church Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 0SH


Harold Court Primary School

Welcome to my Team

Senior Leadership Team

 Head Teacher - Mrs L Hogan-O'Neill

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Strategic Lead, Pupil Premium Lead Professional, Assigned teacher for LAC children, Assessment, Finance, Schools Health & Safety


 Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs W Donnelly-Symes

 Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Leader of Inclusion, SENDCo, EYFS and KS1 Lead, EAL and  More Able Lead, Pastoral Team Lead, Assessment


Assistant Head Teacher - Mr G Pitty - Year 3/4 Phase Leader, Maths/ICT Lead, Core Curriculum, Year 4 Teacher 

Mrs L King - Curriculum Lead, Year 2 Teacher

Mrs M Kaur - English Lead, Year 6 Teacher 

Mrs S Doughty - School Business Manager


Child Protection Team

Mrs L M Hogan-O'Neill, Mrs W Donnelly-Symes,  Mrs R Doody

Extended Safeguarding team: Mr G Pitty

Our safeguarding governor is  - Mrs Zoe Lawrence

Pastoral Team 

Mrs R Doody - Pastoral Lead, Home/School liaison, attendance,  nurture work, positive reinforcement

Mrs A Caulfield Ross - Behaviour Learning Mentor

Mrs L Kane - Behaviour Learning Mentor

Mrs K Steward - ELSA




 Mrs K Boxall (FB)

DT Lead

Mrs C Flack (FF)

RWInc Lead

Year 1

Mrs J Rose (R1) Mon - Thurs 

Forest School Lead

Mrs E Burns (R1) Thurs - Fri


Miss N Felix (F1)

Music Lead



Year 2

Mrs D Somers (S2)

Science Lead

Mrs L King (K2)

SLT/Curriculum Lead

Year 3

 Miss A Levy (L3)

History Lead

Mrs S Yeneralski (Y3)

PE Lead

Year 4

Miss N Vagmar (V4)

Mr G Pitty (P4)

AHT/Maths & ICT Lead

Year 5

Mr K Okueye (O5)

RE Lead

Miss Y Darlington (D5) 4 days

Geography & French Lead

Mrs H Beerling (D5) Tues

ICT Lead/Recovery Teacher Mon/Wed

Year 6

 Mrs M Kaur (K6)

 English Lead

Miss Donnelly-Symes (DS6)

Art & Design Lead



Support Staff

Mrs K Roberts - HTLA

Miss A Wright - Reception

Miss C Walden - Reception

Mrs S Jillings - Reception

Miss S Reading - Reception

Mrs N Stanes - Year 1

Miss L Featherbee - Year 1

Mrs J Rutherford - Year 2

Miss B Harrison - Year 2

Mrs L Kane - Year 3

Miss R Ivens - Year 3

Mrs L Hatch - Year 3

Mrs A Caulifield-Ross - Year 4

Mr I Ayris - Year 4

Mrs K Steward - Year 4/ELSA

Mr G Mandalia - Year 4

Mrs J Taylor - Year 5

Mrs S Garrod - Year 5

Mrs A Elton - Year 6

Mrs M Kennedy - Year 6

Mrs J Cook - Year 6

Mrs R Moody - Year 6

Mr G Fredericks - Sports Coach


Administrative Team

Mrs S Doughty - School Business Manager

Miss V Van-Den Assem - Senior Administrative and Welfare Assistant

Mr C Woods - Administrative Assistant 


School Site Team

Mr D Boland - Site Manager

Mr A Flack - Caretaker

Miss A Kelly - Cleaner