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Harold Court Primary School

Our assessment procedures

Children are formally assessed at key points across the primary phase these are;

Foundation stage - those who are making developing, expected or exceeding judgements in the prime areas of the curriculum

End of Year 1 - with their phonics understanding

End of Key Stage 1 (Year 2)  in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science- these levels are Teacher assessed.

Finally at the End of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. Tests are statutory for children in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar as well as in Maths.

Assessment from 2016

A guide to how we assess ATTAINMENT AND PROGRESS - Click here

The school decided to invest in the Symphony Assessment Package that helps to benchmark all subjects within the National Curriculum.  From September 2016 we have moved from this formal package to our own version and system – with the same name we are able to monitor carefully skill accomplishment and whether or not our learner are on ‘track’ for end of Key stage. For reading, writing and mathematics, children work towards end of year expectations where the end of Year 1 is defined as 1S (secure) or 1M (mastered) and the end of Year 2 is Grade 2S (secure) or 2M (Mastered) etc up to Year 6 being Grade 6S (secure) or as per interim assessments have shown - GREATER DEPTH. In each year (these correspond, loosely, to termly progress). A loose guide to expected attainment points each term can be seen below;

Year group




Year 1

1E 1.2

1D 1.4

1S 1.6

Year 2

2E 2.2

2D 2.4

2S 2.6

Year 3

3E 3.2

3D 3.4

3S 3.6

Year 4

4E 4.2

4D 4.4

4S 4.6

Year 5

5E 5.2

5D 5.4

5S 5.6

Year 6

6E 6.2

6D 6.4

6S 6.6

It is expected that children will move three defined steps through an academic year. In terms of progress that is 2 steps and 6 decimal points over an academic year – Emerging to developing = 1(0.2), developing to secure = 1 (0.4). Children working at greater depth will make .1 additional progress. (+0.3)

A rough guide to termly expectations




Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

(end of year expectation)

Year 1

1E (1.2)

1D (1.4)

1S (1.6)

Year 2

2E (2.2)

2D (2.4)

2S (2.6)

Year 3

3E (3.2)

3D (3.4)

3S (3.6)

Year 4

4E (4.2)

4D (4.4)

4S (4.6)

Year 5

5E (5.2)

5D (5.4)

5S (5.6)

Year 6

6E (6.2)

6D (6.4)

6S (6.6)

                    EMERGING           DEVELOPING                     SECURE


In the non-core subjects and science, teachers assess pupils at either emerging, expected or exceeding age related expectations