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Year 5

Year 5 Meet the Teacher Presentation


L5 have been working really hard to find out about the key events of WW2 and how propaganda was used to influence people’s attitudes. We felt empathy for children who were evacuated to the countryside and we wrote letters home as though we were evacuees. We found out how The Battle of Britain was a turning point of the war. 

Our Learning Challenge included a VE Day celebration where we dressed up in WW2 costumes and held a street party.

Year 5 Autumn Curriculum Newsletter


We  had a busy term in O5. In RE, we have been learning about the religion of Islam.

We have learnt that Muslims are followers of the religion of Islam. The words Muslim and Islam both come from an Arabic word which means SUBMISSION.

We have also learnt that Muslims are required to pray five times a day. They must always wash themselves before praying (to symbolise purity before God). There are 99 names for Allah. We wrote names for Allah in Arabic.



Year 5 Autumn Term Spelling


We read The Lion and the Unicorn to understand what life was like for children during the war.


We created our own propaganda posters.


A clay model created for homework for homework.