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What makes the Earth angry?

Year Three had an explosive end to our Learning Challenge this half term. As the finale to our investigation into ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ we created our very own volcanoes which we then erupted on the last day of the half term.

As part of the Learning Challenge, Year Three had discovered how volcanoes are formed and researched information about volcanoes around the world. The chance to create our own volcanoes had been eagerly anticipated and the children worked fantastically together to create these models using Papier Mache.

Luckily, on the day of the eruption the rain held off briefly and each class was able to take their volcanoes into our outdoor learning space for the explosions, which was lucky as the vinegar was extremely stinky!

As well as our Learning Challenge exploring the geography of volcanoes, we also used our DT skills to design and make them, and art techniques to paint them. Another cross curricular link was found as we learnt about the science behind the explosion. We used vinegar to cause a chemical reaction with the bicarbonate of soda and produce carbon dioxide which caused our volcanoes to erupt.

You can see from the photographs just how much we enjoyed creating and erupting our volcanoes. This was certainly a fiery end to our investigation and one that we would not forget in a hurry.