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The United Kingdom Project

This week the whole school project is all about The United Kingdom.  The project aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn all about the wonderful island that we live on. You can take the project in any direction you wish you can write down your research, make things using your Art and DT skills, create a project book, PowerPoint or even a film.

Below are some ideas to get you started but the world is your oyster! 


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PowerPoints to help research 

Some ideas to get you started

  • Plan a Great British Menu and see if you can make some of the dishes.
  • Create a map of the United Kingdom this could be a drawing, a 3D model, made from cake, flowers and twigs.
  • Create a leaflet or a poster encouraging people to go on holiday in the UK, or a specific place in the UK.
  • Can you make a ‘Big Ben’ Clock using junk modelling?
  • Take photographs of your local area and things that are unique to the United Kingdom (red bus, black taxi, red post box etc.)
  • Make a 5-day weather report with temperatures for the United Kingdom, you could film this if you wish.
  • What sports are played in the United Kingdom?   Try out different UK sports. Create a poster/fact file about your chosen sport.
  • Can you make a 'Big Ben' Clock using junk modelling?

Reception & KS1 project ideas

KS2 project ideas

Websites for researching 

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Watch Barnaby Bear on

The River Thames

Press image to watch

Barnaby Bear Looking for the

Loch Ness Monster

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Go Jetters visit Stonehenge

Go Jetters visit the Giant Causeway Northern Ireland

Why not listen to some stories? 

Pobbles for Creative Writing 


Can you create art in the style of these famous artists?